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annA rydeR's
Music & Moving Pictures Show

annA rydeR

9th April 2022

annA rydeR is a musical dynamo; her songs are simultaneously thought-provoking, poignant and humorous.


In her new Music and moving Imagery show – annA sings her songs with the exciting extra dimension of moving pictures : entertaining and atmospheric films made over the last two years in collaboration with artist Nicky Cure.

Tickets £17.50

Mather Robinson

The Mather Robinson Band

11th June 2022

Come and spend an evening in the company of the Mather Robinson Band and then be ready afterwards to tell your friends, "You should have been there."

Tickets £17.50

A Celebration of Simon & Garfunkel

A Celebration of Simon & Garfunkel

10th September 2022

No make-up, wigs or costumes - Just two great musicians performing some of Simon & Garfunkel’s classic songs in an intimate and relaxed way

Tickets £20

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